Cooling Towers Photogallery

Some projects

Cooling Towers images | BTE Cooling Towers pictures

Our industrial cooling systems are used in a wide variety of industries:

  • Cooling Towers Aluminum plant
    Aluminum plant
    Cooling Towers Cement plant
    Cement plant
    Cooling Towers Chemical plant
    Chemical plant01
    Chemical plant02
  • Chemical plant03
    Cooling Towers Container
    Cooling Towers Food industry
    Food industry
    Cooling Towers Food plant
    Food plant
  • Cooling Towers Plant production tires
    Plant production tires1
    Plant production tires2
    Cooling Towers Powerplant 100MW
    Powerplant 100MW
    Cooling Towers Steel mill
    Steel mill01
  • Steel mill02
    Steel mill03
    Cooling Towers Steel transformation plant
    Steel transformation plant
    Cooling Towers Sugar plant
    Sugar plant
  • Cooling TowersTomato plant
    Tomato plant1
    Tomato plant2
    Tomato plant3
    Cooling Towers Truck
    Truck 01
  • Truck 02
    Cooling Towers Workshop
    workshop 01
    workshop 02
    workshop 03
  • workshop 04
    workshop 05
    workshop 06
    workshop 07
  • workshop 08

Some processings

  • Cooling Towers Painting
    painting 01
    Cooling Towers Painting 2
    painting 02
    Cooling Towers Painting 3
    painting 03
    Cooling Towers sheet metal processing
    sheet metal processing 01
  • Cooling Towers sheet metal processing 2
    sheet metal processing 02
    Cooling Towers sheet metal processing 3
    sheet metal processing 03

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Boldrocchi TE is the division of the historical group Boldrocchi specialized in the manufacturing of the best cooling towers. Boldrocchi TE is one of the leading suppliers of cooling towers in the UK, America and around the world, and also carries out maintenance. For our price list, ask for a quote or write to us for any technical information.