Cooling towers for pharmaceutical industry

Cooling towers for pharmaceutical industry

Thermal cycles are crucial in the pharmaceutical industry: so many processes require to remove the unused heat or produced in excess in order to continue and complete the process.

Boldrocchi TE designs and builds technologically advanced cooling towers systems for pharmaceutical industries worldwide.
Cooling towers are often a key component of pharmaceutical industry processes, on their performance relies how effectively and efficiently the cooling water is used. Many of the most important processes in the pharmaceutical industry generate heat, and require an appropriate cooling system.

Boldrocchi TE, with over 40 years of experience in the cooling towers field, manufactures efficient and technologically advanced process cooling equipment, ideal for many pharmaceutical industries.

Some of the pharmaceutical key processes that require an efficient cooling system:

  • Batch processing in multipurpose reactors, which requires cooling water for chemical reactions at high temperatures and crystallization of final products at low temperatures
  • Cooling ointments before pouring and packaging
  • Controlling the temperature of the molding process when forming gelatin for capsules.
  • Heating and subsequent cooling of components of creams before they're mixed together
  • Heating and cooling during sterilization of liquid pharmaceuticals
  • Water used in the wet granulation process for tablet forming

We are the leading cooling towers manufacturers in Italy: we can design custom cooling towers legionella free, build to satisfy customer needs, to make easier the industrial processes. Contact us to ask any information!

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    Boldrocchi TE is the division of the historical group Boldrocchi specialized in the manufacturing of the best cooling towers. Boldrocchi TE is one of the leading suppliers of cooling towers in the UK, America and around the world, and also carries out maintenance. For our price list, ask for a quote or write to us for any technical information.