Cooling towers for foundries

Cooling towers for foundries

Cooling towers for foundries allow you to keep the steel plants high temperatures under control, stabilizing the heat emitted and maintaining the machinery production efficiency

The cooling towers for foundries by Boldrocchi T.E. are an essential element of the cooling chain in steel plants.

In fact the melting of metals involves reaching very high temperatures in these industrial complexes, and the ability to cool the machinery through cooling towers for suitable foundries becomes fundamental.

The fundamental purpose of a steel plants cooling tower is to help the machinery in maintaining a specific temperature that allows their maximum efficiency, as well as the essential safety features.

Cooling towers for foundries: characteristics

To do this, foundry cooling towers basically operate in three ways: water, dry or wet.
In the case of steel plants it is necessary to intervene with water systems due to the high temperatures reached: this system indeed is able to guarantee the best cooling performance.

In fact, the cooling towers for foundries must guarantee the cooling of the components through numerous processes such as:

  • optimization of water pressure
  • control of water levels and salinity
  • the maintenance and control of the fans, the pump and the motor unit

Boldrocchi T.E, with its 40 years of experience in the sector, manufactures cooling towers for foundries and steel plants of high quality, capable of meeting the most demanding standards and guaranteeing correct long-term cooling.

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