Cooling towers for sugar industry

Cooling towers: how do they work and why are used in the sugar industry

Cooling towers are necessary for all processes involving thermal cycles, where it's essential to remove all the unused or excess heat in order to continue the operations.
This is what cooling towers are for, as they play an integral role in heat management. If the cooling towers are not present in the industrial complex, the heat that is not eliminated would tend to accumulate. This, in turn, would make it difficult to continue the production process. Cooling towers help stabilise the entire thermal production area and even help to eliminate waste.

In which industries are cooling towers used?

There are many sectors in which cooling towers are used.
From refineries to sugar factories, not forgetting everything related to energy production and even distilleries. In addition to this, there are also many industries of radically different types: cooling towers are used in chemical, food and even pharmaceutical industries. Not only that: cooling towers are also used in sectors such as glassware.

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