Evaporative Cooling Systems

Cooling tower for thermal power plant

Find out the types of evaporative towers used in thermal power plant

There are two types of evaporative towers, those induced and those forced, they are distinguished by the use or less of fans to exploit the flow of air.
These types of towers are widely used because they have a good ratio of installed electricity and heat energy disposed and therefore manage to eliminate large quantities of heat.
Their use has also increased further with the new laws regarding the discharge of hot water: in fact, the cooling tower system allows the reuse of a large part of the water entering the cooling process and therefore, compared to a system with water. to lose, reduces costs and ecological problems, as the amount of hot water that must be discarded is minimal. There are formulas (which we do not report but which are taken into account by the industries) that calculate the consumption of water taking into account both the lost in the process of evaporation, both that lost in the process of dragging and finally that of purging. Let's now go on to describe how these towers are made up.
Plants that use fans usually use axial type (they have blades made of plastic or aluminum alloy) connected to the electric motor.
The electric motors used on cooling towers are asynchronous three-phase with excellent insulation class and continuous service.
In addition to the pipes, the water distribution network includes ABS spray nozzles that can not be occluded and which distribute uniform distribution.
Finally, the exchange pack and drop separators are generally constructed of polypropylene; the first are sheets with diagonal channels, the drops separators are sheets with folds and droplets which in order to be able to easily remove them are usually divided into several pieces. In conclusion, it can be said that nowadays, the use of cooling towers in steel and metallurgical companies has become indispensable and always at the center of continuous evolution, both in order to reduce the costs of production processes, and to order to avoid problems related to the environment.

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