Cooling towers for food industry

Cooling towers for food industry

Find out more on industrial food processing cooling system

Discover the applications of cooling towers in manufacturing and processing food into food industries

Boldrocchi TE designs and builds cooling towers systems for food industries worldwide. As concernes the food industry, the industrial food processing cooling system are used also for pasteurization and sterilization processes. In the food and beverage sector many types of industries are using cooling towers and heat exchangers

For example:

  • oil refineries
  • sugar industry
  • distilleries
  • chees industries (during the buttermilk cooling process)
  • wine industries
  • juice fruit industries

We are the leading cooling towers manufacturers in Italy: we can design custom cooling towers legionella free, build to satisfy customer needs, to make easier the industrial processes.
Our industrial food processing cooling system are requested and installed worldwide: we are able to satisfy any need, with highly customizable systems. Contact us to ask any information!

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    Case study: toamato industry

    Cooling towers installed in Foggia in an agri-food industry. The cooling towers serve continuous sterilizers, cooling both glass and tin. We try to build the towers well and functionally, but as you can see, the customer completes the work excellently with the plant engineering part.

    Cooling towers for food industry

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    Boldrocchi TE is the division of the historical group Boldrocchi specialized in the manufacturing of the best cooling towers. Boldrocchi TE is one of the leading suppliers of cooling towers in the UK, America and around the world, and also carries out maintenance. For our price list, ask for a quote or write to us for any technical information.