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By using the physics principle of evaporation, our industrial evaporative coolers cool small or large amounts of water. There are several different types of industries which use small or large amounts of water in order to cool their systems or plants.
To avoid the waste of water, whose provision and waste disposal are becoming more and more problematic, series CMK evaporative cooling towers prove to be undoubtedly the most practical solution, especially for large needs. They are safe, reliable, extremely versatile and are the perfect answer to medium and medium-large requirements.
They are engineered considering extreme conditions providing only tested solutions and bearing in mind that any selection made is subject to unforeseeable events.
The dimensions of these industrial evaporative cooling towers do not allow for transportation, therefore they are supplied fully disassembled; on-site assembly, which is duly considered in the design phase of the system, is a very simple procedure which does not call for highly-qualified labour; it can be carried out by us or by our customers with or without our supervision.
The cooled water collection basin is never included as this must be adjusted to the actual needs of the type of service and plant; often, it must provide sufficient water level to pumps, but sometimes it must help a momentary lack of makeup water, etc.; in any case, after having obtained information from the customer about what they need to have, we always provide them with the related instructions.

These towers essentially compose of a frame made of robust steel profile - hot dip galvanized after manufacturing - and external enclosure panels made of galvanized steel sheet, which are powder-coated before assembly or made of stainless steel. The towers are fitted with one or more suction fans on the top.
The inside houses the following elements:

  • Drift eliminators in plastic (thermoformed, injection-moulded and metallic made of stainless steel);
  • Water distribution system with main header in galvanised steel tube (or stainless steel) and secondary headers in PVC, hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel;
  • Non-clogging gravity water distributors, made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • FILM type fill for clean water, with various specific surfaces, or dirt resistant Splash type fill;
  • Air inlet section protected by shaped metallic louvers with wind protection function.

Types and Arrangements of industrial cooling towers

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