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MEP Series Cooling Towers
Why choose them

a) Reliable
b) Sturdy construction
c) All parts in galvanised steel sheet painted with powder paint before being assembled
d) No welds on parts in galvanised steel sheet
e) No self-tapping screws used to avoid damaging the paint

f) No transmission units

g) All motors are connected in-plant to an external terminal board

h) Electric motors with power of 15 KW (8-pole) or over have external lubricators

i) No spray nozzeles used for the water distribution system, instead non-clogging gravity distributors, in AISI 304 stainless steel, connected with nuts and screws to the header.

j) Because the water gravity distributor protects the exchange surface, avoiding damage caused by mechanical action of water on the FILM type surfaces.

k) Per A sturdy main header in steel tubing, hot dip galvanised after working

l) a)Strong protective fan exhaust grill

m) Both fans and water distribution network do not require maintenance
n) If necessary, they can be supplied with an extra exchange surface section
o) Because if fitted with LOLIPANN filling easy to clean and sanitise, they can cools also dirt water and work in dusty environments. LOLIPANN modules can be hot sanitised in order to prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria.

p) The towers can be supplied with an arrangement for cool water with temperature up to 99 C.
q) If its necessary, sump volume (if sump supplied) can be more than doubled

r) The water inlet connections and outlet connections (when supplied) can be provided indifferently on four sides.
s) Because they can be fitted with DRICONPLUS, the new inertial drift eliminator, made of several injection molded polypropylene panels assembled following the air flow direction thus constituting an easy-to-handle single module.

The drift eliminator section forces the air flow to suddenly change direction and fosters the release of suspended water droplets. The panels, characterised by very high mechanical resistance, are at least 1.5 mm thick and can endure temperatures as high as 90 C.
If needed, the performance of the section can be subsequently increased in order to obtain nearly complete or complete retention of the droplets in the air flow.
The higher the amount of the droplets removed, the lower the water consumption and the risk of the spreading of Legionella bacteria.
The performance tests carried out at the Italian University Politecnico di Milano in Milan, under test conditions which were similar to those present in cooling towers, showed that the most performing arrangement of DRICONPLUS drift eliminator was able to retain 100% of the droplets in the air flow.
DRICONPLUS panels are suitable for temperatures up to 90 C and can therefore be cleaned with high pressure water or steam jets.

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Cooling Towers parts and components for sale

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