Stainless steel cooling tower


Why choose them? Discover Benefits & Technical datas

a) Reliable
b) They have an extremely robust and long-lasting construction
c) They are assembled on-site, delivered and guaranteed at the assembly site
d) Each cell is independent on both the water and air side
e) Casing in AISI 304 stainless steel
f) All details in black steel are hot dip galvanised after working
g) There are no self-tapping screws or pressure connections
h) All connections are mechanical, with nuts and bolts
i) The fans are factory assembled, interchangeable, finished items
j) No transmission units
k) All motors are connected to their own terminal board which is external to the fan
l) Fan replacement is simple and extremely quick
m) The electric motors of fans (with a power of 15 kW or more - with 8 poles) have external lubricators
n) Because of the water distribution system, comprising carbon steel pipes which are hot galvanised (inside and outside) after working
o) Non-clogging water gravity distributor in AISI 304 stainless steel
p) Because the water gravity distributor protects the exchange surface, avoiding damage caused by the mechanical action of water on the FILM type surface
q) Strong protective fax exhaust grill
r) The fans and the water distribution system are maintenance-free
s) If it’s necessary, they can have more section of wet deck surface
t) The cooling towers can cool dirty waters or operate in dusty places if equipped with a suitable dropbreaker section (fill, exchange surface – also assembled) that can be cleaned and sanitised
u) Both the exchange surface and drift eliminators are supported by a sturdy grid in hot galvanised carbon steel, for safe access inside the tower
v) The towers have wide inspection doors, located in the fill and water distribution areas
w) The towers can be supplied with a configuration for cool water with temperatures of up to 99°C.


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Boldrocchi TE is the division of the historical group Boldrocchi specialized in the manufacturing of the best cooling towers. Boldrocchi TE is one of the leading suppliers of cooling towers in the UK, America and around the world, and also carries out maintenance. For our price list, ask for a quote or write to us for any technical information.