As we know, a cooling tower is a machine and, as per all the machines, it is necessary to apply all the precautions to maintain his functions unchanged and lasting in time.

For this reason, the maintenance of the cooling towers is for BOLDROCCHI TE SRL a really important and discussed item and, often, we all discuss about this argument before that a project starts.

First of all, it is really important to understand that our constructions are projected to be EVERLASTING. Yes, we are not worried about this word, one of our historical cooling tower have been realized in 1947 in Padova, and it is, as of today, in a perfect maintenance status and it is still working.

The guaranty that we provide to our customers it is to give them high quality projects realizing reliable constructions and extremely sturdies and lasting.

Boldrocchi evaporative technologies extends the medium cooling towers life that, usually, it is between 10 and 20 years.


Why, are we so sure?

It is important to underline that all our equipped towers with the not clogged surface Loliplan, not clogged diffuser AISI304 and the drop separators Driconplus, do not required any maintenance and they are legionella free.

Our systems are cleanable and sanitizable in a quick way, they can avoid the water stagnation correctly draining the liquids for the respect of the environment and the health protection.

Share your needs with us, trust our years of experience in industrial cooling sector, we will project and realize cooling towers that will stay with you for a long time.

Do you need an offer or advice on our cooling towers?


Some of our Cooling Systems projects

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    Aluminum plant
    Cooling towers Cement plant
    Cement plant
    Cooling Towers for Chemical Plant
    Cooling Towers for chemical plant
    Cooling Systems for Chemical Plant
    Cooling System for chemical plants
  • Cooling Systems for Chemical Plants
    Cooling Systems for chemical plant
    Cooling Towers Container
    Cooling Towers for Food industry
    Cooling Towers for Food industry
    Cooling Systems for Food industry
    Cooling Systems for Food industry plant

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