Cooling towers for plastics industry

Heat is the key factor in the thermoplastic and rubber industry: such materials are heated and molded to form any shape. Cooling tower efficiency is decisive in this process.

Boldrocchi TE designs and builds cooling towers systems for thermoplastic and rubber industries worldwide. Our efficient cooling towers are employed in many of these industries for many purposes, from plastic injection molding water cooling to the polystyrene molding. In particular, many of our products provide optimal and custom thermoformed and injection molded solutions.

Boldrocchi TE, with over 40 years of experience, is an experienced cooling tower manifacturer, with plenty of different and various projets in many industrial sectors. This experience in the field allows us to overcome almost every issue and meet every requirement the client has.

Our efficient cooling towers are suitable for all the thermoplastic industry applications, as well as many other sectors.

For example:

We are the leading cooling towers manufacturers in Italy: we can design custom cooling towers legionella free, build to satisfy customer needs, to make easier the industrial processes. Contact us to ask any information!

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Some plastics industry projects

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