Energy saving in industrial plants

Energy saving in industrial plants

Nowadays, the main problems that companies have to face are production costs. Over the years, the cost of raw materials and energy has risen dramatically, which is why many companies are now looking for ways to save both energy and costs.
A cooling tower - sometimes also called an evaporative tower - is a heat rejection system that uses the natural operating principle of evaporative cooling to cool a mass of water by exchange with ambient air.
But why today's designer engineers have decided to use cooling towers in their plants, if from an economic point of view, they are not the most advantageous solution?
The problem is that the most cost-effective product never coincides with the best technological solution in terms of energy efficiency. On the contrary, today it is easy to demonstrate that, generally, the worst energy efficiency is typical of low-cost products.

Cooling tower for energy saving in industrial plants: why are they so important?

First, we have to take into account the increasing attention being paid to the issue of global warming and the need to pursue and promote maximum energy savings in industrial plants, since choices made solely on optimizing initial investment costs are no longer accepted.
It is for this reason that the member states of the European Union decided a few years ago to adopt measures to improve the energy performance of energy-intensive products.
The European Union has published several amendments setting minimum energy efficiency requirements for companies, which impose heavy penalties if not met. And it is for this reason that cooling towers have become the best choice for all companies wishing to save energy in their industrial plants, while at the same time complying with the relevant European Union amendments.

Our solutions for energy saving in industrial plants

Our cooling towers, in addition to meeting high standards of quality and respect for the environment, allow you to work in total safety, and thanks to cleaning processes, all our cooling towers are legionella free.
Last but not least, our cooling towers allow you to save energy for your industrial plants, but let's see some numbers.

Energy saving in industrial plants: example with our Eco cooling towers

The cost of electricity is discharged directly on each kg or liter of finished product.
The cost of electricity is constantly increasing.
A few years ago, in Italy the cost per kW for an industry such as a steel mill was around 0.10 /kW, for an average industry the value was around 0,14 /kW; to date the cost has reached over 0.2 /kW and the operators communicate further increases will soon arrive.

An average industry that works continuously works about 8000 h/year.

In the sample case described above, i.e., the standard cooling tower compared to the ECO tower, the energy difference is 12 kW/h (from 15 kW to 3 kW).

12 kW/h x 8000 h/year = 96000 kW/year X 0.2 /kW = 19200.00 /year saved on a single tower with a single fan, all with the same thermodynamic performance.

For more information and more precise numbers, our technical-sales office is at your complete disposal.


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