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Cooling towers and energy saving: find out how to save money on your bill

The energy-saving ECO series cooling towers have been designed by the Boldrocchi team to save on expensive bills. The system limits the use of electricity, allowing you to maintain constant refrigerant performance.

For some time we have been committed to their realization to allow our customers to buy cooling towers that enable them to use up to more than 8 times less electrical power, and about -10 15 dB(A). Thanks to the headquarters of Boldrocchi Srl, its highly specialized internal staff and its primacy in thermal exchange and industrial ventilation, we have reached this important milestone.

Nowadays, it is essential to have sustainable cooling systems that do not preclude efficiency results.

We want to give you two examples of cooling towers ECO series produced in the last month, to better explain the real savings.

With this first tower there is a unit energy saving of 5.3 kW, corresponding to 42.400 kWh per year.

We talk about 21.200 with a payback time of 5 months!

In this second case there is a saving of 10.6 kW, equal to 84.800 kWh per year.

It means a saving of 42.400 per year, with a payback period of 9 months!

In fact, energy saving cooling towers have an investment recovery time from 6 months to 1 year (on continuous work of 8,000 hours/year).
What are you waiting for to save on the bill? Contact us to design with our specialists the ECO tower series that suits your needs!

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