Different types of cooling towers used in industries

Types of cooling towers and the evaporative systems used in industrial plants

First of all let's briefly define what is meant by cooling tower: cooling towers are nothing more than heat exchangers between gas and liquid, where the liquid component, relinquishes its energy to the gaseous component, in order to reduce the own temperature; this allows there to be no overheating effects that could lead to the blocking of production or worse to the triggering of fires, obviously with disastrous consequences for both the environment and the economy.
Depending on the use in the various sectors, there are different types of cooling towers: a first classification can be made according to the way heat exchange is carried out. This refers to a cooling tower "tout court" in the case where the heat exchange occurs through contact, while referring to a cooling coil in the event that the process foresees the use of plates, pipes or other.
Water and air are certainly the most used fluids in the current industry for cooling processes, as they are the most available and above all cheaper ones. If you want know better Boldrocchi's types of cooling towers and its industrial applications, contact us for any information.

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